Embark on a creative odyssey with 'Mid Journey Mastery,' a comprehensive online course designed specifically for designers and artists seeking to enhance their foundational drawing skills. Within the span of two weeks, learners will delve into a rich tapestry of visual arts, exploring artistic elements and mediums pivotal to the creation of an array of visual art forms. From mastering the nuances of basic lines in tree bark drawings to embracing the complexity of shapes and forms in landscapes and abstract compositions, this course offers a moderate amount of practice to ensure skill refinement. Learners will gain proficiency in employing pencil, charcoal, and pastel colors to evoke values and shading techniques that bring depth and life to still life drawings. Inspiration from renowned artists will fuel the creation of compelling compositions, while practical exercises will lead to the development of engaging illustrations, comics, storyboards, and product designs. The course will also guide participants through the unique realm of character designs, focusing on robots with varying emotions and interactions, all crafted within the precise parameters of Mood boards. With a curriculum rich in diversity, 'Mid Journey Mastery' promises to provide an enlightening journey through the essentials of drawing, inviting learners to express their artistic ideas and narratives through the powerful language of visual elements. This course is tailored for those with a background in visual arts who are eager to explore new horizons and refine their artistic prowess.